BER Certificates

BER (Building Energy Rating) Assessment Certificate & DEAP Calculations

Who needs a BER Certificate?

A BER Certificate is compulsory for practically all properties being offered for sale or let in Ireland since 1st January 2009. It is a rating or score that shows prospective buyers and tenants exactly how energy efficient the building is. This means how well the dwelling or building retains heat inside, which means that lower rated homes lose heat quickly and are inefficient at generating heat and power and homes with a higher B.E.R. rating, retain heat better, which makes 

BER Cert Assessment Donegal

The idea behind BER Certificates is to encourage home owners to insulate their homes. The aim is that more people will take more of a proactive approach to tackling the amount of energy they are wasting from poor insulation, using inefficient appliances and over-spending on heating and electric bills. The BER initiative is a Europe-wide scheme.

DEAP Calculations

Part L of the Building Regulations requires compliance with the energy performance and carbon emissions of all new dwellings to be demonstrated by using the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure calculation tool. The calculation should ideally be done before work commences.

What we offer?

Building Energy Rating, DEAP Calculations & Air Tightness Testing Services

We carry out BER Assessments, DEAP Calculations and provide BER certificates for new and existing domestic and commercial properties.

Why Use Us for your BER Assessment?

Expertise and Experience

We have extensive experience and knowledge of residential construction and the related energy requirements for dwellings.

Cost Effective

Building Energy Rating & Air Tightness Testing Services are competitively priced – particularly if multiple BERs and Air Tightness Tests are required.


ProEnSol has detailed processes in place for the delivery of Building Energy Rating & Air Tightness Testing Services.

Further Information

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