Here at ProEnSol we provide a wide range of engineering and architectural related services. Our services range from providing energy-saving assessments and certificates to help improve the overall efficiency of your home to complete supervision of construction projects from start to finish.

Below is a breakdown and brief explanation of each of the main services we provide:

  • BER Cert Assessment – We carry out a complete assessment of your property for the purposes of evaluating how energy efficient the building is. We then provide you with a professionally certified BER Certificate and recommendations on how to improve your property’s energy efficiency.


  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Northern Ireland – We complete these for Commercial Properties throughout northern Ireland 
  • Air Tightness Testing – This process involves measuring the airflow around your property and identifying areas where it could be controlled better to help reduce heatloss.


  • Thermal Imaging – Thermal Imaging is a process to identify areas of heatloss that would not otherwise be visible to the naked eye. It uses a high tech infra red camera to determine a pattern of heatloss through a building’s exterior fabric of construction.


  • Site Assessments – These are primarily for people who require a waste water system for their new property. It requires testing the ground via a test hole for soil classification purposes and this then accompanies the planning application.


  • Supervision of Construction – As well as providing energy efficiency services, we can also provide complete supervision of construction projects from planning stage right through to project completion.


  • Energy Audits – These can be invaluable in determining exactly what areas of your residence or property has the most room for improvement in terms of energy efficiency. This audit can then help the home owner make a more informed decision on how they would like to invest on improving their home’s thermal and energy efficiency.


  • Structural / Condition Surveys – A structural (condition) survey is sometimes required if a building has fallen into disrepair or if cracks or damp has started appearing on interior walls. It is basically an examination to determine whether the building is structurally sound or not.


  • Land Surveys / Legal Mapping – A land or site survey is sometimes required for the purposes of having an area of land valued or examined prior to going through the conveyancing process. It may also be required for some other legal matters such as land disputes or distribution of a deceased’s inheritance or probate.


If you require assistance with any of the services outlined above, contact us now for a free no obligation quotation.